The modern-day wallet remains a timeless and essential accessory even in the digital age. No matter your preference – men’s, women’s, bi-fold or tri-fold wallet – a well-crafted leather wallet can be a life-long companion or a thoughtful gift.

At Rapp’s, we have a wide selection of men’s and women’s wallets from trusted brands like Bosca, Boconi and Mosaic. Come explore our selection and let us monogram your new wallet.


The bifold is the most common type of wallet and sometimes referred to as the hipster wallet. This wallet folds over one time. Typically, bi-fold wallets only contain space for credit cards, cash, and identification cards.


Trifold wallets fold over two times creating three sections. All cards stored in this type of wallet go in a vertical position.

Rapps_QuarterPage_Wallets_PassportPassport Case

Carry your passport with peace of mind and a bit of style. Our passport holders come in a variety of styles from a basic leather cover (don’t forget to have it monogrammed!) to the most secure RFID passport holder.

Rapps_QuarterPage_Wallets_Card-CaseCard Case

Card cases are slim wallets designed specifically for carrying only cards and not cash money.

Rapps_QuarterPage_Wallets_MoneyMoney Clips

This type of wallet is meant for holding only cash and cards. Money clips are typically made out of metal, among other materials such as leather.


A checkbook type of wallet contains space for inserting a checkbook to carry within the wallet, as well as space for credit cards, cash, and identification.


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