The definition of a briefcase has evolved yet still remains a statement of personal style. Whether the classic hardside case or a more modern laptop or messenger bag, Rapp’s has a briefcase to fit your needs. Stop by the store to browse our large selection of briefcases and bags from Osgoode Marley, Bosca, Kenneth Cole and more.


The briefcase is a classic handbag. It’s set apart from the rest of the bags because of its handle and modern day cases look more like a messenger bag than a traditional hard, box-like case. Materials used in making briefcases are usually leather or faux leather.

Rapps_QuarterPage_MessengerMessenger Bag

The messenger bag is a classic alternative to the backpack and is an over-sized satchel that’s worn over one shoulder. Others would call this a “courier bag” because it comes with a strap that can be fastened to stabilize the bag on the wearer’s hip– just like a courier.


Often dubbed the student bag, backpacks are a classic staple and one of the most popular bags in the world. Because we now live in a world of technology, the backpack has evolved into something that’s more functional, including compartments intended for tablets, laptops, etc.

Rapps_QuarterPage_ToteTote Bag

A tote bag is the rectangular or slimmer version of the carryall. It extends in a vertical direction, and can be worn on one shoulder or carried with one hand. Some tote bags also have great compartments to make sure that your things stay organized.


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